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Phoenix Durban

Members of the MF together with Mr Ronnie Moodley.

Local artists have an important role to play in preservation of indigenous languages, culture and religion. This impacts on moral regeneration and social cohesion.
As part of their efforts to promote cultural and religious tolerance, the Minority Front has engaged with local artists to provide a platform to share their talents in the arts, while enhancing indigenous languages and culture.
The party recently honoured one such artist- Mr Ronni Moodley of Phoenix.
Speaking of the occasion, Cllr Jonathan Annipen said that the preservation of culture and vernacular language is important for this generation.
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“Very few young people in our generation actually speak their mother tongue. This means that many of the expressions and cultural beliefs, which make our society a better place, have escaped us. Mr Moodley, who was born in Sherwood, has been singing professionally since 2005. He released three Tamil gospel albums. His contribution towards keeping the Tamil language alive through song speaks volumes of his passion for the language,” he said.
As a party, the MF believes that the promotion of indigenous languages should be cultivated from a young age.
“Therefore, we have been advocating for the revival of eastern languages as part of the educational curriculum,” he added.
Mr Moodley, who now lives in Phoenix, sings at special functions.
If the public would like to engage with Mr Moodley, they can reach him on 074-063-3828.


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