Verulam mum escapes jail time after abandoning baby | Phoenix Sun

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Verulam mum escapes jail time after abandoning baby | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

The baby boy was found dumped in Verulam.

The Verulam woman, who dumped her newborn baby in a rubbish bin earlier in January, received a six-year suspended sentence for attempted murder, last week.
The mother, who pleaded guilty to the charge in April, revealed that she had become depressed after she lost her job and that her partner ended their relationship after finding out that she was pregnant.
According to reports, in her guilty plea, the mother revealed that she carried the baby and later gave birth without any frequent visits to the clinic and the help of qualified medical personnel.
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On the day of her delivery, the mother admitted that she was well aware that the infant could have died when she left him in a plastic packet and was expecting the bag to be removed by the municipal refuse workers.
The baby’s biological father also gave a victim impact statement where he expressed his shock and disbelief at how the accused could commit such an offence. 

While passing judgment, magistrate, Betty Rawheath said that the sentence should not be viewed as a light one and that society should understand that no two people can be sentenced the same way as no two people have the same circumstances.
Rawheath added that the court after careful consideration thought that serving a jail term would not be a good purpose.
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The accused was sentenced to six years in jail, which was entirely suspended for five years on condition that she was not found guilty of offenses involving assault, child abuse or harm to children.
The 31-year-old implicated mother will undergo correctional supervision and programmes that will encourage rehabilitation, therapy, and counselling.
The baby is in the custody of his biological father.
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