Vet met 180.000 gevang nou moet hy explain

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‘Vet’ caught with R180 000 ini Mitchells Plain
NEWS / 14 FEBRUARY 2019, 1:37PM

Fadwaan ‘Vet’ Murphy. Photo: Noor Slamdien/ANA Pictures
Alleged drug kingpin Fadwaan “Vet” Murphy has been forced to hand over R180 000 in cold, hard cash to police after he was caught with a tog bag filled with the kroon at a garage.
Murphy is currently on trial at the Western Cape High Court, along with his ex-wife Shafieka Murphy, his sister Glenda Bird, as well as Dominic Davidson, his business partner Leon Paulsen and Desmond Jacobs, who are facing 229 charges relating to money laundering, drug dealing and racketeering.

Wakker Lentegeur police officers spotted Murphy at the local BP petrol station on Tuesday about 7.30pm.

Murphy was with a driver in a white Kia when officers asked to search his car.

Cops found a sports bag with R180 000 in cash in the boot, in neat bundles of R50, R20 and R10 denominations.

It’s alleged Murphy told the cops he had borrowed the money, from someone to pay his lawyers.

Police say Murphy was not arrested but will have to explain, with proof, to the Curator of the Assets Forfeiture Unit where he had gotten the cash from.

His “lender” must also provide documents to show where the money came from, while cops will test the geld to check for traces of illegal drugs.

Last March, Murphy’s assets including five homes and six vehicles were seized by the Sheriff of the Court and the Assets Forfeiture Unit.

The AFU said if a guilty verdict is reached, Murphy’s moveable assets will be sold.

There is currently a preservation order against Murphy, whereby he has to declare any large sums of money in his possession.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms that the money was seized.

“On Tuesday, 12 February at 7.30pm, police in Lentegeur spotted a well-known drug dealer at a fuel filling station in Lentegeur,” says Van Wyk.

“They approached the well-known drug dealer and with permission searched his vehicle. In the boot members opened a sport bag containing a very large amount of cash.

“They seized the large amount of cash and opened an enquiry file to investigate the matter. The money will also be sent for forensic testing, to see if there’s any trace of illegal substances. Nobody was arrested. The investigation continues.”.


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