Veteran postman gives back to his community

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Phoenix Durban

Ramrajh Rambharose brought smiles to the faces of Lotusville Primary School pupils after he provided yummy treats for them.

Ramrajh Rambharose, a veteran postman, provided delicious treats to grade three pupils at Lotusville Primary School, recently.
Rambharose, who holds a world record of 100 percent attendance during his 40 years of service, prides himself in never taking a sick leave, while working as a postman.
Although his 40 years of walking in the sun and delivering letters and parcels has come and gone, Rambharose continues his service in philanthropy.
At 66, Rambharose still services his community with the same zeal as when he walked an average of 20 kilometres a day. The veteran postman finds as much joy and pleasure in serving those around him.

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The Verulam resident provided scrumptious biscuits, cakes, samoosas, chips and other treats to the excited children.
Speaking about his philanthropy, Rambharose acknowledged that serving others had brought him the same amount of joy, if not more.
“I am encouraging everyone to take part in social concern. If I a former postman could do it imagine the amount of change Doctors, nurses, teachers and everyone else could make in their communities,” Rambharose expressed.
The Lotusville Primary School’s governing body, management, staff and pupils echoed sentiments of gratitude and appreciation for the voluntary contribution that Rambharose made.


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