[Video] Grandma that was force for money died of a stroke

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In this clip this child demand money by his grandmother. Today we receive the bad news that the old women died of a stroke. This is what drugs does to our communities.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace Mrs

SAPS detective went to the Senior Prosecutor
to find out what can be done now,
unfortunately nothing can be done.

I’m going to name another elderly lady in dinghi
circle that’s being abused by her grandchild
and once again MITCHELLS PLAIN Social
Development hasn’t even bothered to Come.

There is another elder abuse situation in
Steamboat where residents made contact with
the CPF, we contacted social development and
a social worker came out and once again
NOTHING happened.

This is upsetting and this needs to stop

Piemp your neighbours if they abusing the
elderly in the home.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace Mrs

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2 comments on “[Video] Grandma that was force for money died of a stroke

  1. The person who made the video should really be ashamed for not doing anything… I would’ve called the cops on that guy… Its so upsetting to see how our elderly people are being treated!!!

  2. I agree with what you are saying….so sad that she passed on…..what’s happening to our youth out there…..He wasn’t brought up like this…..Its the choices you make in life.

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