Vivian Reddy once again lauded for his noble deeds

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Vivian Reddy once again lauded for his noble deeds

Phoenix Durban

Vivian Reddy receives the UNISA merit award for philanthropy from vice chancellor and principal of UNISA, Prof Mandla S Makhanya.

Durban-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Vivian Reddy continues to accumulate more recognition for his unwavering commitment to uplift the less fortunate, especially children.
Despite his various pressing business commitments, he still makes time for the ‘have-nots’ of the country.
UNISA vice chancellor and principal, Prof Mandla S Makhanya added to Reddy’s list of outstanding philanthropic accolades.
Prof Makhanya presented Reddy with a merit on behalf of UNISA’s Bureau of Market Research at a function in Pretoria, recently.
Prof DH Tustin, head of the research unit said, “UNISA’s Bureau of Market Research strives to acknowledge extraordinary South Africans, who make a significant contribution to the lives of children.”
UNISA noted that Mr Reddy is making an immense difference in the lives of children and their families.
When presenting Mr Reddy with the special accolade, Prof Makhanya said, “To date, Mr Vivian Reddy has provided numerous educational bursaries to deserving pupils and launched the Orphans of Aids Trust, which he also continues to sponsor.”

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Reddy’s magnanimous philanthropic contributions have earned untold accolades of praise, awards and worldly sentiments from recognised leaders, including former president, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton.
Internationally, his philanthropy has also been acknowledged.
He received numerous humanitarian awards in Japan and elsewhere, including the Paul Harris International Fellowship Award for the development of previously disadvantaged people in South Africa.
Most recently (2018), he received a Lifetime International Award for social, philanthropy and business success at the House of Commons in London, which is the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
The award recognises individuals, who have made a difference in their local communities. Despite his national and worldly acclaims, Vivian Reddy remains a man of simple grace.
Reddy said he was overwhelmed by the kind and warm gesture.  “These accolades encourage me to strive on with greater commitment to uplift the less fortunate among us,” he said.

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