WATCH: Businesswomen taught vital self-defence techniques at networking breakfast

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Phoenix Durban

The COPS Combat Academy were present to demonstrate self-defence techniques.

The first women’s networking breakfast for 2019, proudly hosted by SUPERSPAR Chatsworth in partnership with the Rising Sun, took a totally unique and imperative turn when the gathering focused on equipping businesswomen with self-defence techniques and safety tips.
Held at the Rising Sun Printers office, the attending women were eager to learn more about how they can protect themselves, if ever placed in a dangerous or life-threatening situation.

The official welcome address focused on extending thanks to all businesswomen for attending and also briefly detailing the crime statistics and how women are often targeted by prowling criminals because they come across as ‘passive’ and ‘defenceless’.
This pre-conceived notion was completely shattered at the informative event, which once again proved successful.

Taking time off their busy and action-packed schedules to teach the women how to defend themselves were Cpt Robby and Lishavia Mahabeer of COPS Combat Academy, an orgnaisation that was founded with the intention of ending victimisation through crime by equipping civilians with basic survival skills and strategies.
Serving in the Metro Police force for an upward of 37 years has allowed Cpt Mahabeer to be exposed to innumerable near-death experiences.
The father-daughter duo, who are extremely passionate about teaching vital survival skills, also highlighted general awareness and prepared individuals with effective tactics if an unlawful encounter should occur.
Taking centre stage was the definitely the self-defence techniques which were demonstrated by Cpt Mahabeer and his daughter.

From showing women how they can safely disarm an armed suspect during a home invasion to preventing rape while also rendering your attacker unable to carry out the heinous crime, the COPS team definitely proved that one should never doubt their potential in any situation.

Showing enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more, many businesswomen also stood up to learn the techniques and were impressed with how effective each procedure was.
Robby and Lishavia thanked SUPERSPAR Chatsworth, the Rising Sun and the audience for allowing them the opportunity to attend and mentally prepare them for any confrontation involving single and multiple attackers. Robby stated that he is confident that the women will also share these techniques with their loved ones.
The customary vote of thanks was delivered by the phenomenal Jessica Gounden (attorney) following the powerful demonstration, with much appreciation being bestowed upon the COPS team, Serena Jagadasan, the managing director of SUPERSPAR Chatsworth, Shireen Govender, regional manager of the Rising Sun, for once again organisation an insightful meeting.

After formalities, a delicious variety of snacks were laid out along with beverages and all inspirational women were allowed to network with one another.
The organisers remain eternally grateful to their sponsors, who generously provided tokens of appreciation for the guests. The group look forward, with much anticipation, to their next assembly.

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