WATCH: Car-jamming theft in Edleen caught on CCTV | Kempton Express

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WATCH: Car-jamming theft in Edleen caught on CCTV | Kempton Express

Phoenix Durban

Theft out of a motor vehicle that occurred in Edleen was caught on CCTV footage. This screengrab shows the alleged thief just before he gets into the victim’s vehicle and takes a laptop.

A Glen Marais resident fell prey to car-jammers at a centre in Edleen in May.
He parked his vehicle and went to a shop. When he returned his laptop was missing from his vehicle.
Puzzled and confused, he went back to the store to report that someone had stolen his laptop from his vehicle. The victim was shown CCTV footage which caught the theft out of his car.
The footage shows the alleged thief parking a Hyundai Getz and entering the same shop. Minutes later, the victim arrives and ‘locks’ his vehicle, unaware that it was car-jammed.
“I pressed the immobiliser but didn’t check to see if the car was indeed locked,” said the victim who wished to remain anonymous.

“Footage from inside the store shows the alleged thief walking around the shop as a customer but he doesn’t buy anything. He then receives a phone call and exits the store after the call.”
The camera outside caught the man walking straight to the victim’s vehicle and open the rear right door and enters. A few seconds later, he is seen leaving the car with what looks like a laptop bag.
“The weird thing is that as soon as he gets inside my car, the Hyundai Getz he arrived in, starts reversing out of the parking area,” explained the victim.

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“That shows there was someone in the passenger seat who jumped into the driver’s seat and reversed. I think it is the same person who called him while he was inside the store.
“The man walks away with my bag in the same direction as the Hyundai Getz went. I think he got into it on the other side of the road to make it look like they were not working together.”
The victim told Express that certain valuables, including his laptop to the value of about R40 000, were in the laptop bag. Other items included an external hard drive, two memory sticks, laptop charger and documents.
“My family and I decided to talk about this so we can warn people to always make sure their vehicles aren’t car-jammed whenever they park,” said the distraught victim.
“Always check to see that your car is indeed locked before you move away from it, especially at parking lots.”
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