WATCH: Nosizwe pursues her musical dream | Phoenix Sun

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WATCH: Nosizwe pursues her musical dream | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Nosizwe Mbunquka chases after her childhood dream.

Nosizwe Mbunquka, who is a wearer of many hats, added the title of musician to her long list of roles.
The 30-year-old mother of one’s musical journey started when she was in grade one.
“I have always loved singing since my childhood when I was in grade one. I was already leading the choruses at the school morning assembly,” Mbunquka recalled.
Mbunquka, who grew up in the small village of Sidanga in Bizana, always wrote songs during her childhood but longed for the day that she could bring them to life and record them.
“I also composed songs from that age but wouldn’t do anything progressive about those songs,” the Phoenix resident said.
Even after relocating to Durban two years after her mother’s passing, Mbunquka’s dream still grew and danced within the walls of her soul.
With each passing year in Umthwalume High School and at Stellenbosch University, Mbunquka never lost sight of her deep-rooted dream.
It was in 2016 that Mbunquka started to materialise her dream. “I sang a rendition of a well-known gospel song titled ‘Angalila uMama’ at my sister’s wedding reception. ‘Angalila uMama’ is a direct translation of ‘our mother would have cried if she was still alive,’” Mbunquka said.
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“I honestly believe that our mother would have indeed cried tears of joy, witnessing my sister get married. After singing at my sister’s wedding reception, I could vividly see my dream come to fruition. I then went on to record one song in 2017. I then started recording more songs,” Mbunquka continued.
With the late Brenda Fassie as her inspiration, Mbunquka began writing songs about today’s society and the stories her late mother would tell them as children.
“I have written songs about everything that happens around me. I automatically turn those experiences into songs. Some of my songs are stories that my late mother liked telling us when we were young,” she said.
The family orientated woman said that the purpose of her music is to entertain people while creating awareness and bringing laughter into their lives.
“I have written and recorded 10 songs. I recently released a music video for one of my songs titled ‘Imihla Yothando’ on YouTube,” the musician said.
Speaking about chasing dreams, Mbunquka said that life is too short and should thus be enjoyed as though it is the last.
“Never allow yourself to suffer from ‘Bantu bazothini Syndrome’ directly translated as ‘What Will People Say Syndrome.’ Never allow the opinions of others to blind you from your dreams. If you want something, go after it,” Mbunquka concluded.

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