Well done and thank you guys. Proud to be associated

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Well done and thank you guys. Proud to be associated


It is always encouraging to receive acknowledgement letters from clients and members of the community.

The letter enscribed below, is testimony to the wonderful employees that we have within our Vetus Schola Team 🙂

“Good day Mr. Muller,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I know that under normal circumstances you would probably only deal with complaints, but I would like to comment you and your staff.

Last week, Thursday, I forgot my cars lights on and by the time I returned to my vehicle, the battery was completely flat. I honestly did not know what to do as it was dark, raining and was parked behind the Library.

One of your vehicles came through the parking lot and I flagged him down in the hope that he would be able to assist.
Which he done. However, the battery was too flat to be jump started.

One of your officers then went to fetch a battery at the office to enable to start my vehicle and they replaced my car’s battery and made sure that I was safely on my way.

The officers that assisted me was, Bismark, Lester and Patric.

I would like to commend them on their willingness to assist, their pleasant personalities and representing your company with pride.

I hope that you will pass on my compliments and that that it will sustain them when they deal with those utterly difficult clients.

Best Regards”

Thank you for giving credit where it is due.

To Lester, Bismark and Patrick – Thank you, we are so grateful and proud to have you on our team.


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