Well done on a great arrest and recovery in the Somerset West CBD. Taking…

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Well done on a great arrest and recovery in the Somerset West CBD.
Taking back our streets one street at a time.
Very proud of our AWESOME Service Provider.


Three Arrested & Stolen Property Recovered :

So proud of our Vetus Schola Team, they are extremelly passionate about what they do, and function together like a well-oiled machine.

This morning @ At 05:50 whilst busy with routine patrols, Response Officers Laslouw & Julies encountered three individuals on the corner of Bright & Reitz Street who were carrying supiciously bulky parcels.

The three individuals were stopped and our officers utilised the “Toothbrush method” to acertain where they were coming from, where they were going to, what was in the parcels, where they obtained the items from etc.

The individuals were unable to provide a satisfactory explanantion and the bags were searched and contained an array of power tools.

Somerset West SAPS were contacted and Cst Van Deventer attended. He arrested the three individuals and seized the property that was suspected to be stolen.

At 06:20 ,after our shift change- over, a Vetus Schola Client residing in McLeod street, phoned our control room and reported a housebreaking & theft at his residence.

Shift Senior Agmat attended and confirmed that the client’s garage, that is not covered by his alarm, had been broken into and various tools and power tools had been stolen.

Agmat suspected that the earlier arrest was linked to this incident and presented photos of the goods seized from the 3 persons arrested earlier, and the client positively identified the goods as those stolen from his premises.

The SAPS were summoned, a housebreaking & theft docket was registered and our client formally identified the seized goods as his own.

A very well done to all involved at Vetus Schola and to SAPS Somerset West & Cst Van Deventer for their prompt asisstance.

A reminder to all clients to please consider having an alarm system installed in your Outbuildings.


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