What is a criminal mindset

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Normal minds have:

-Means (Ability)

Criminal minds have:

-Means (Ability)
Motive (Desire) <—-

*Anyone can be a criminal. Whatever you want just has to be worth it [breaking the law]. “Some people will starve before stealing bread.”

*Bounded Rationality causes some offenders to make certain decisions based off limited information or education.

Raghav Garg
Studying Psychology on my own

184w ago

According to me they can be classified into 4 category

Almost every small scale crime(stealing eatables, money…) happens because of need.
They think that its the easier way to fulfill needs

Murders are moslty happen because of revenge. 
They just wanted to realise them the same pain, they have gone through.

They do not have motive they just do stuff like rape, acid attacks, stalking..!!
As they are retards they do it because  it makes them happy and think they are doing right thing.

4. Retarted Genius
Sometime they have motives sometimes dont. They use their mind to challange system or whosesoever they are against instead of using it for betterment of world.
They just wanted to keep their mind busy and finding new puzzle, if they dont get it they make one and play with it.

They all have one thing in common
They all think they are right and doing right things.

This is my point of view, about their mindset
Ofcourse i am not a criminal

Robin Wake

180w ago

The mindset to do something like, waking up, brushing your teeth, cleaning your car, that happens to exist outside the boundaries of the law.



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