What is DPV? Cape Town Neighbourhood Watch

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In this video we look at what is going on living in Devil’s Peak & Vredehoek – Are wonderful Cape Town Suburbs on the foot of Table Mountain. For people who may want to move to this area this may be helpful – The perception is that crime is out of control – while it is much higher than we would like it to be – we are keeping our neighbourhood safe.
Is Cape Town Safe?

What is exactly is
DPV Neighbourhood Watch

The Devil’s Peak & Vredehoek Neighbourhood watch is a community based organisation put in place to safeguard our area against crime and other safety concerns.
DPV is not a paramilitary or vigilante operation – DPVWatch is not a business nor is it a security company.

You are DPV. We are DPV.
DPVWatch is us – working together to look out for each other and for our neighbourhood. DPV is neighbours doing the best they can to help each other and to help the authorities keep our neighbourhood safe

What we do is look out for problems and work with our partners – SAPS, CBAR, ADT, The City, SANParks & Neighbouring Watches – to find and deal with crime and responding to incidents.

It is not our duty to put ourselves in harm’s way – but rather to assist where we can – to make those whose responsibility it is – easier.

Over the past 10 years DPV has:
Implemented an Licence Plate Recognition system – cameras, software, infrastructure linked with the SAP database. It sends instant alerts of vehicles linked with crimes and helps track suspicious vehicles – supported by Octotel and Vumatel
Set up a two-radio network that allows communication between members of DPV, SAPS Sanparks, the alarm companies and Watchcom
we have Developed a detailed crime incident log to help the South African Police Service target their activities and to helps plan our operations
weve Implemented Area based whatsapp groups to send alerts to members
and we have Grown our community to 2000 members
Organised Community based activities – DPV Easter Egg hunt, Halloween in our streets and more to create a sense of community as well as combating crime.
Organised regular patrols, and events that take place both for the purpose of creating a sense of community as well as combating crime.
Been supported by regular patrollers with radios who go out on their own or in small groups at all times of day in our streets, parks and the SANParks areas
Helped catch many criminals and helped prevent many more, getting people in possession of car and housing breaking equipment and removed them from the area

and we can’t stop there
Much More needs to be done.
Crime hasn’t stopped
Technology – smart cameras and software work 24 hours day can help us.
With more active members and more of the 9000 residents on DPV area joining in – we CAN achieve even more – we can make a real difference to crime and increase our safety.

Sign up & join us at www.dpvwatch.co.za



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