What makes a leader trustworthy and effective?

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Phoenix Durban

We the people have the power to choose leaders who should   represent use effectively. Leaders are answerable to the voters.
In South Africa, we know clearly that ineffective and corrupt leadership has led to dire consequences. One by one all state owned enterprises began to fall due to corrupt leaders at the top.
We don’t want leaders who are corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, immoral, and populist, practise nepotism and have criminal convictions or are being investigated for corruption.
Let us consider what makes up a trustworthy and effective leader so that we can be guided as to who to vote for in our community and in political structures:
Is honest and incorruptible. Does not appoint ‘Yes men’ to key positions.
Does not seek fame, fortune or attention but is there to serve the needs of the people.
Leads by example. Demonstrates the behavior, productivity and morality that he wants others to follow.
Communicates clearly, listens attentively and consults widely. Able to motivate and inspire his team and show appreciation for their efforts.
Ensures that appointed or elected persons are accountable for their actions. Nobody should be shielded for any wrong-doing because they belong to a particular party, ethnic group or is a relative or comrade.
Is able to set realistic, achievable and measurable goals that can be realised within the time-frame set.
Does not criticise others in order to make himself look better or to deflect blame from himself. A leader is a peace-maker not some-one who causes conflict, suspicion and sows tension.
Choose wisely when electing your representatives so that your own vision for your community and country can be achieved.

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