Witnesses sought after woman killed in alleged road rage incident | Rising Sun Lenasia

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Witnesses sought after woman killed in alleged road rage incident | Rising Sun Lenasia

Phoenix Durban

ON Friday, March 22, an elderly Lenasia resident had to witness the death of his youngest daughter at the hands of an enraged motorist.
27 year old mother of one, Samantha Naicker, was killed when she was knocked down by a vehicle at the intersection of Volta and the K43 during an alleged road rage incident.
According to Mrs Naicker’s father, Gonnie Vandeyar, she and her son had been passengers in his car when the driver of a white bakkie started flicking his lights and hooting at them. The family had been on its way to Lenasia South to fetch Mrs Naicker’s husband.
“When I realised that this man was becoming aggressive, I decided to stop the car to find out what the problem was,” Mr Vandeyar said.
He and his daughter alighted from their car and so did the other driver. The driver of the bakkie is alleged to have suddenly accelerated, scraping Mr Vandeyars arm and driving straight into Samantha, who landed several metres away from where she had been standing.
Mr Vandeyar said that all he saw was his daughter flying through the air and he heard her call, “Daddy”.

“I was so shocked I couldn’t even see his number plate as he sped off. I just don’t understand how anybody could kill another human being like a dog. I ask myself why I stopped the car and had to have my baby taken away from me,” he said.
The bakkie is alleged to have sped off towards Lenasia South. Mr Vandeyar said that he attempted to flag down passing motorists in a bid to get assistance for Samantha, but only one person stopped.
“The driver attempted to follow the bakkie but it had disappeared,” Mr Vandeyar said.
The family is appealing to members of the public who might have witnessed the incident to come forward and to assist in police investigations.
Igge said that the bakkie looked similar to a Hyundai H1.
“He took my baby girl from me. We just want him caught so that he can answer for this. He has robbed us of our only daughter and he needs to pay,” he said.
Samantha was laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26. She leaves behind her husband and her 3 year old son.
Anyone with information should call 079 567 8445.
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