Woman attacked by female assailants

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Woman attacked by female assailants

Phoenix Durban

Security forces at the Riyadh home.

A 49-year-old woman was injured after she was attacked by three woman during an attempted robbery in her home on Gulshan Drive in Riyadh, Verulam, on Friday.
The Verulam operations centre received a call from the frantic victim requesting assistance at her residence.
Security forces were dispatched to the property and upon arrival found the security gate and front door unlocked. Broken dishes and ornaments were found on the floor of the living room.
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Security officers penetrated the residence and found the victim locked in a bedroom.
She informed security forces that her husband and son left the residence to attend a prayer at a local mosque while she was in the bathroom. A short while later, she heard unfamiliar voices in the house.
Upon investigation, she found three woman dressed in Islamic attire inside the house.

Two men were armed with firearms and stood outside the house. The female suspects then demanded valuables from the victim. When she informed them that there was nothing of value in the house, they attacked her.
The victim fought back and in the process several ceramic and glass dishes broke. One of the suspects slashed the victim’s arms with a broken piece of glass and attempted to strangle her with her scarf.
The suspects then fled the residence without taking any valuables. The victim was treated by medics for multiple lacerations to both her arms.
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Security officers conducted an extensive search for the suspects, however, no arrests were made.
Cpt Henry Kisten, communications officer of Verulam SAPS, said a case has been opened and is currently being investigated.
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