Woolworths to remove baby carrier after copying allegations

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Woolworths to remove baby carrier after copying allegations

Woolworths to remove baby carrier after copying allegations

The retailer has conceded that there are striking similarities between a baby carrier it sells and those designed by Shannon McLaughlin.

Picture: Ubuntu Baa/Facebook

JOHANNESBURG – Woolworths says it will be removing a baby carrier from all its physical and online stores after meeting with a businesswoman who says the retailer copied her design without her knowledge.Shannon McLaughlin revealed in a blog post that her Ubuntu Baby carrier is remarkably similar to the retailer’s carrier which has been sold as an original Woolworths product.“I got a screenshot from one of the girls that work for me and she asked if I had seen this. I couldn’t believe it. All I saw was my colours and they kind of looked similar,” she said.Woolworths met with McLaughlin on Wednesday after an investigation into the matter.”While there are differences in our baby carrier, there are striking similarities which we acknowledge and take responsibility for. This is not in line with our values and goes against the very clear policy and creative guidelines we have in place for our design process, Woolworths says.”We have sincerely apologised to Shannon personally and we would like to offer our heartfelt apologies to our customers who expect more from us.”Woolworths says it is removing all products from its stores and online and that customers who have already bought it can return it for a full refund.


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