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2018-09-06 11:30

A large commercial jet from Dubai caused a scare after a pilot radioed that it would be landing at New York’s Kennedy Airport carrying several passengers and crew members suffering flu-like symptoms.

First Nike Kaepernick ad to air during NFL opener – source

2018-09-06 08:38

Nike has unveiled its first “Just Do It” ad narrated by Colin Kaepernick and a person familiar with the situation says the spot is scheduled to air during the NFL season opener.

Tencent to subject players of its top game to police ID checks

53 minutes ago

Tencent will begin using a police database to verify the ages and identities of players on its biggest mobile title, ramping up a campaign against game addiction.

A South Korean delegation met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a visit to arrange an inter-Korean summit planned for this month and help rescue faltering nuclear diplomacy between Washington and Pyongyang. (Yun Dong-jin, Yonhap via AP)

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Mistrial ruled in case of 2007 Baghdad murders by Blackwater guards

2018-09-06 07:27

The second murder trial of a former Blackwater security guard over the 2007 killing of a civilian in Baghdad was ruled a mistrial Wednesday, a year after his first conviction was thrown out.

Anonymous official cites Trump ‘amorality’ in NY Times op-ed

2018-09-06 06:17

A senior administration official is sounding an alarm about US President Donald Trump’s “amorality” and “impetuous” leadership style in an unsigned opinion piece published in the New York Times.

WATCH: Meet the Japanese man who drove 50 000km to visit his old house in London

2018-09-06 06:27

An elderly Japanese man drove 50 000km from Japan to London, behind the wheel of his Toyota minibus, to visit his old house. He previously lived there more than 40 years ago!

Indonesians flee to higher ground in regional tsunami drill

2018-09-06 05:26

Indonesian high school students fled to higher ground as tsunami warning sirens blared, launching an evacuation exercise across a region devastated by a 2004 disaster which killed over 200 000 people.

Vanilla Ice live tweets from quarantined plane that had sick passengers

2018-09-06 07:52

An airliner to New York from Dubai with 10 passengers and crew members who ended up hospitalised with flu-like symptoms was carrying 1990s rap icon Vanilla Ice.

WATCH: Crane falls on to Orlando home, slicing roof

2018-09-05 14:46

A crane fell on to a home that was undergoing repairs in Orlando’s Baldwin Park neighbourhood, splitting the roof of the house.

Britain charges 2 Russians over Novichok poisoning

2018-09-05 12:57

British prosecutors have charged two Russian men with the nerve agent poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the English city of Salisbury.

Wives of 2 Reuters reporters in Myanmar shocked by verdicts

2018-09-05 11:34

The wives of two Reuters journalists sentenced in Myanmar to seven years’ imprisonment for possessing state secrets say they were shocked by the verdicts.

Donors step up funds to Palestinian aid agency after US cuts

2018-09-05 10:03

The top official with the UN’s Palestinian aid agency says countries including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India have stepped up in recent months with a “very high amount” of $238m in extra funding amid US cuts.

Second resignation as Macron shuffles cabinet

2018-09-05 07:46

French President Emmanuel Macron was hit by a second resignation in a week as his sports minister quit, forcing him to make two changes to his cabinet.

Duterte calls Hitler ‘insane’ at Israeli Holocaust memorial

2018-09-05 06:12

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who once compared himself to Hitler, paid a solemn visit to Israel’s Holocaust memorial, branding the Nazi leader “insane” as he lamented the genocide of 6 million Jews.

WATCH: Seven dead as strongest typhoon in quarter century batters Japan

2018-09-04 22:18

The strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years battered the west of the country with violent winds and heavy rain, killing seven people and injuring scores more.

People are destroying their Nike shoes and socks to protest Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad campaign

2018-09-04 18:32

People are posting videos of themselves burning Nike clothing after the sports company released a new ad with Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL player who knelt in protest during the US national anthem before games. Videos show shoes being burned and

Kindergarten principal sacked for pole dance show

2018-09-04 16:50

A kindergarten principal in China trying to liven up a formal back-to-school ceremony with a racy pole dancer has been fired after angry parents lit up social media with complaints.

Afghan Taliban announces death of Haqqani network leader

2018-09-04 13:10

The founder of the Haqqani network, one of Afghanistan’s most effective and feared militant groups, has died after a long illness, their affiliates the Afghan Taliban have announced.

WATCH: Woman attempts carjacking with baby after crashing car

2018-09-04 10:42

A woman leads authorities on a high-speed chase in Texas, crashes her vehicle, then takes off on foot while holding a baby in a carrier before trying to carjack a passing motorist.

County prison locked down after 11 workers sickened

2018-09-04 09:09

Authorities say a western Pennsylvania jail is on lockdown after almost a dozen employees became ill from an unknown substance.

WATCH: Top 5 world news videos today

2018-09-04 07:53

A woman goes on a carjacking rampage with a baby; firefighters battle a blaze at the Rio museum, here are the top world news videos today. WATCH.

Tropical Storm Gordon brings hurricane watch to Gulf Coast

2018-09-04 06:33

A hurricane watch has been issued for portions of the central US Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Gordon lashed South Florida with heavy rains and high winds.

Trump attacks Nike as new Kaepernick ad revealed

2018-09-06 10:35

American president Donald Trump has attacked Nike over its support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Hundreds of police enter German forest protest camp

2018-09-05 21:31

German news agency dpa is reporting that hundreds of police have entered a forest that protesters are trying to stop from being chopped down for a coal mine

Russia’s ‘biggest Beatles fan’ dies in Saint Petersburg

2018-09-06 05:00

A man nicknamed Russia’s “biggest Beatles fan” has died in Saint Petersburg at the age of 73 after failing to realise a long-held dream to create a temple to the British band’s music.

Japan evacuates major airport after typhoon wreaks havoc

2018-09-05 13:11

A major airport that was cut off when a huge typhoon smashed through its sole access road was being evacuated, as Japan grappled with devastation caused by its most powerful storm in a quarter of a century.

Facebook and Twitter to testify on Russia as Google is spurned

2018-09-05 15:39

Executives from Facebook and Twitter are expected to tell members of Congress that they have stepped up efforts to detect and remove accounts that violate their policies after Russian-linked hackers used social media to meddle in the 2016 election.

Brazilians see metaphor for their struggles in museum fire

2018-09-05 10:48

Firefighters dug through the burned-out hulk of Brazil’s National Museum, a day after flames gutted the building, as the country mourned the irreplaceable treasures lost and pointed fingers over who was to blame.

Stranded people begin leaving typhoon-hit airport in Japan

2018-09-05 08:25

People stranded at an offshore airport begin returning by boat and bus across a partially damaged bridge to mainland after a typhoon sweeps across part of Japan’s main island.

WATCH: Climate change threatens Bolivian indigenous culture

2018-09-05 13:49

Rising temperatures of Bolivia’s highlands has caused a sustained drought of the second largest lake in the country forcing the indigenous community living around it to search new ways of life.

Pakistan lawmakers begin electing new president

2018-09-05 07:02

Pakistan began voting for a new president, with a close ally of Prime Minister Imran Khan seen as the favourite to replace Mamnoon Hussain as the ceremonial head of the world’s only nuclear-armed Muslim state.

WATCH: Highway overpass collapses in Kolkata; Injured being treated

2018-09-04 20:58

A highway overpass has collapsed in the crowded Indian city of Kolkata, and an official says seven or eight people have been taken to a hospital.

Biden feels the push to take on Trump in 2020

2018-09-04 18:30

Biden himself is more conflicted – but he is listening keenly to the supporters pushing him to run for the White House in 2020.

Girl who was hung from a tree by school bullies speaks out: ‘I thought I was going to die.’

2018-09-04 14:39

A 10-year-old girl with a heart defect from Perth in Australia was reportedly hung from a tree using a skipping rope fashioned into a noose by school bullies.

WATCH: Strongest typhoon in quarter century hits Japan

2018-09-04 12:02

The strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years made landfall, with more than a million people urged to evacuate to escape violent winds and heavy rainfall.

Australian government faces bullying, intimidation claims

2018-09-04 10:33

Australia’s troubled ruling Liberal party faces claims of intimidation and bullying with one senior minister saying she was ‘disgusted’ by suggestions that women making the allegations should ‘toughen up’.

Steve Irwin’s daughter pays heartwarming tribute to her dad on 12th anniversary of his death

2018-09-04 12:55

Today Bindi – who was just eight years old when her dad passed away – paid tribute to her dad by sharing an old family photo of the family on Twitter.

Under-attack Pope calls for ‘silence and prayer’

2018-09-03 22:35

Pope Francis said “silence and prayer” were the answer to those seeking “scandal and division”, amid a barrage of attacks from ultra-conservative Catholics.

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