World Saivite Council addresses growing challenges facing NPOs | Phoenix Sun

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World Saivite Council addresses growing challenges facing NPOs | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Attendees at the insightful workshop.

There is a concern that most cultural and religious NPOs in South Africa are facing various challenges that threaten to make them unsustainable and unable to meet the expectations of the communities they serve.
Challenges include a decline in membership, community support, funding, youth participation and integration into NPOs.
A workshop was held by the World Saivite Council at the Saiva Siddhantha Sangam Greenbury premises (RB Chetty Hall), last week, with a view to address these challenges and find solutions.
The workshop was well-attended by Saivite organisations from Verulam, Tongaat, Phoenix and surrounding areas.
The function commenced with a prayer by Swami Sivayogananda. Devotees from the Verulam Sivan Sabay. The Greenbury Saiva Siddhantha Sangam rendered beautiful and moving devotional hymns.
Mr D Maduray, president of the WSCSA, presented a short discourse on the fundamental principles of Saivism.
A very lively and fruitful discussion was held with and between the attendees where a number of challenges facing the Saivite community were highlighted.

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All attendees participated and responded to a number of important questions that led to useful ideas towards resolution of the challenges to solutions.
High on the agenda was the implementation of strategies for the increased participation of the youth and stimulation of their interest in the Saivite structures.
Members shared exciting ideas on how Saivite values can be instilled in children from their formative years.
Young would-be parents can also be coached and counselled in ensuring that the development of babies from conception takes place in a conducive and sacred environment that enhances the child’s emotional and psychological development.
The WSC appealed to the Saivite community for greater support in the planning and execution of projects like Karthigai Deepam, Sivarathri, conferences and propagation.
They also urged members to join and engage in the various organising committees constituted to drive religious projects.
In conclusion, the WSC acknowledges the invaluable contribution of all the attendees from the various organisations. The organisation also acknowledged the facilitative role played by the leadership and membership of the Greenbury Saiva Siddhantha Sangam.

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