You can run and run and run but you WILL BE CAUGHT. Well done…

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You can run and run and run but you WILL BE CAUGHT. Well done…


You can run and run and run but you WILL BE CAUGHT.
Well done to all for showing such diligence.


Excellent communication and adept utilisation of resources led to the arrest of an individual who accessed two residential premises with the intention to steal in the Heldervue area recently.

The individual entered the laundry room of a premises in Gardenia Street and stole a pair of slippers and Rally car wax and then moved on to Compacta street where he attempted to steal a bicycle from the premises.

The alert resident at Compacta street had a birds eye view of the culprit via his surveillance system and promptly pursued him. The culprit then abandoned the bicycle and fled the scene.

Our Control Room received a call from the Compacta street resident and Response Officers Reece & Jakes were immediately dispatched and they proceeded to comb the area.

In the interim,Shift Senior Agmat proceeded to the complainant and obtained a more detailed description of the suspect which he then transmitted via radio to all personnel.

In the interim, a call pertaining to the theft at Gardenia street was received by our Control Room and a radio broadcast was transmitted.

Client Services Manager Mr Thomas, who was checking surveillance cameras on a site in the vicinity, detected the suspect fleeing along the N2 in the direction of Macassar.

The suspect was viewed on surveillance abandoning the stolen goods from Gardenia street along the N2 whilst he attempted to make a desperate escape up the N2 in the direction of Macassar.

Mr Thomas then assisted with the search coordination and pointed our response officers in the correct direction.Response Officer Jakes managed to outrun and apprehend the culprit and detain him until SAPS Somerset West arrived and arrested him and liased with the complainant who was able to positively identify him.

Well done to the alert resident and to the entire Vetus Schola Team.

Great team work and adept linkage and lots of dedication and committment were the key ingredients that led to this arrest.

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