AUDIO: eThekwini residents warned not to put out rubbish bags due to strike action…

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AUDIO: eThekwini residents warned not to put out rubbish bags due to strike action

AUDIO: eThekwini residents warned not to put out rubbish bags due to strike action

Ward councillors have requested for residents to keep their rubbish in their yards as the strike action by municipal workers escalates.

Evelyn Morris | 3 hours ago

COUNCILLORS in the eThekwini Municipality have urged residents not to put out their black refuse bags.

This comes warning comes after the strike action of municipal workers escalated in the Durban City Central.

Dump trucks have reportedly congregated around Durban City Hall this morning, and protesters have threatened to dump rubbish on the streets.

Municipal workers began striking last week demanding that they also are given the salary level upgrades which they claim Umkhonto weSizwe veterans (MKVs), who were employed in 2016, were receiving.

They allege the veterans had been upgraded from grade 4 to grade 10 within the space of a year, leading to salary increases and improvements in working conditions which those who had worked for years had never seen.

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Because of the damage caused by flood waters recently, several areas continue to be left without water due to the strikers steadfastly refusing to work to fix water pipes and sewer lines damaged during the deluge.

In addition, threats were allegedly made last week by workers to shut down the supply to Durban’s affluent suburbs if the city failed to accede to their demands.

Meanwhile, a group calling for the immediate resignation of the current mayor, Zandile Gumede, has begun to share a petition laying the blame for what it describes as “the declining state of the city and the rampant corruption.”

“Service delivery has come to a halt in the city. Services departments such as electricity, water, sanitation, parks and DSW are on strike due to the irregular employment and salary increases of Mkhontho weSizwe veterans through the mayor. Maladministration and dodgy dealings have characterised the Gumede administration,” said a message shared widely on Tuesday as reports of roads being blocked around the city were shared on a variety of channels on social media along with the hashtag #GumedeMustGo.

Kloof ward councillor, Tex Collins sent out a WhatsApp broadcast in which he advised residents to keep their rubbish bags inside their properties until the situation was stable.

“Please note it is not advisable to put your refuse out on the scheduled days as it will not be collected. There’s is also the likelyhood that DSW workers will go into the suburbs and trash the bags,” warned Collins.

“City Hall is in lock down and DSW trucks are blockading all major arterials into the city. Please be careful if you need to go to the city centre. All services are also in jeopardy as the fear of intimidation has prevented other service units from doing their jobs.”

Earlier this morning Pinetown and Hillcrest residents, as well as people on the M13 and N3, found themselves in heavy traffic as municipal trucks congregated and seemed to be blocking the roads. However, by 10am most of the routes in the Highway area were clear as the trucks moved off towards the city where they joined the CBD shut down.

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